Our local Fedex facility

How to Safely Ship Your Media to Us

We understand the value of your tapes, reels, and other legacy media. They cannot be replaced. We have been in the same building for 50 years and all work is done in the same place. A Fedex Express office is located a few blocks from our front door. We visit there almost every day to pick up our packages. Your media doesn't go out on a delivery truck and is never handed to anyone but us. They are careful and professional. There has never been an error since we stopped using ground delivery. No matter the carrier, the "last mile" we eliminated is the real weak link. Human error is lurking right there.

If you are in South Florida, we do encourage you to bring your media to our door and hand it to us. If you are located elsewhere in the world, we use the following methods to ensure the best protection of your media. Shipping by any other carrier UPS, USPS, DHL, you name it... can have an uncorrectable error.

Fedex Express "HAL" - Hold At Location

We arranged to have each and every shipment with Fedex EXPRESS specified "Hold At Location", in this case our nearby station. Please be aware that Fedex Express is a completely separate network from Fedex GROUND. With Fedex Express, your media goes directly from one Fedex facility to another, by closed truck and airplane. We arranged that no package ever goes out for delivery on a truck. Packages are never left on a doorstep or porch... maybe the wrong one. Your package is held at our local EXPRESS OFFICE and secure Fedex facility. One of our own identified team members will personally pick it up from there.

Shipping Instructions

Please follow our extremely safe shipping guidelines:

  • Prepare your items in a safe, well packed box.
  • Make a Fedex label TO:

    David Haylock c/o
    Digitizing World
    1825 NE 149 Street
    Miami, FL USA 33181

  • If you do not have a Fedex account you may use ours. Just ask.
  • Take your shipment directly to a Fedex Express facility. We DO NOT recommend you use Kinko's aka Fedex Office. They are focused on making copies and printing. Your goods can often miss the daily pickup and those stores are not as secure as the Fedex Express facility.

Our extensive and complete deck and player inventory consists mainly of equipment we originally purchased (and kept) from Sony, Panasonic and others. We own and have available at our offices more than 150 recorders, players, projectors as well as many more ancillary devices to process and record video, audio, still photographs and images.

Please call us toll free at 800-772-1111 if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help!

Delivery of your Digital Files

Your digital files can be uploaded to our cloud, your cloud, or they can be delivered on a thumb drive or hard drive.

If you have a large quantity of sensitive (single copy only) programs or series we can arrange a courier to either pick up by truck or make a flight with the goods accompanying the passenger. We did this once with several hundred tapes from Miami to Narita in Tokyo for Fuji Television. Every tape onboard was in the cabin not the hold.

We welcome you to call us to discuss any special or super special needs you may have.