Dubs and Dupes
Dubs and Dupes was our duplication department for many years. Since almost everything today is digital, we have merged our duplication services with Digitizing World.

Even though videotape duplication has become rare, we still have the high end, professional decks to playback all of the legacy formats. Instead of duplicating your legacy videotape, let Digitizing World migrate your collection to digital files that can easily be copied and archived with zero data loss.

If you have a large library of video tape or other sensitive media that needs digitizing or tranfers, we can bring our equipment and technicians to you, anywhere in the world.
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Digital Betacam Duplication

NTSC Digital Betacam Duplication

1 DigiBeta Copy (includes tape) Unit Price
1-6 Minutes$58.99
7-12 Minutes$76.99
13-22 Minutes$89.99
23-32 Minutes$103.99
33-40 Minutes$116.99
41-64 Minutes$134.99
65-94 Minutes$179.99
95-124 Minutes$233.99

PAL Digital Betacam Duplication

1 DigiBeta Copy (includes tape) Unit Price
1-6 Minutes$64.99
7-12 Minutes$83.99
13-22 Minutes$98.99
23-32 Minutes$112.99
33-40 Minutes$127.99
41-64 Minutes$146.99
65-94 Minutes$195.99
95-124 Minutes$255.99

Labels Unit Price
Beta SP Labels$0.50
Beta SP Inserts$0.50

Supplied BetaSP Stock (you bring your own blank tape)
1-30 Minutes, deduct$10.00
31-90 Minutes, deduct$20.00

The above prices include duplication, new Sony Betacam SP or
Panasonic DVCPRO50 Stock with box and label

For extremely large jobs please call to receive a special bulk rate