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Photo Digitizing and Film Scanning

Digitizing World will professionally scan all negatives, slides, and transparencies from 35mm, medium and large format films. We expertly handle your valuable film with care and all of our scanning is done on our premises or at your location. We can also scan, retouch, and color correct old photographs in any format. We can digitize all media into a number of different file formats and resolutions, depending on your needs.

We can work with the following media:

  • 35mm film, color and black and white negatives
  • 35mm slides, mounted or unmounted
  • medium format negatives and transparencies
  • large format negatives and transparencies
  • color and black and white prints

We provide both bulk scanning at consumer level resolutions, and high resolution scanning for archival storage and fine art reproduction. You are free to choose the level of resolution and detail that fits your needs. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs with one of our specialists.